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Products - ENVIRON

While many of us are concerned about the visible signs of ageing, the idea of having surgery is simply unthinkable, at least, not until much later. There are, however non-surgical solutions that can prolong the health, vitality and youthfulness of our skin.

Dr Des Fernandes is world-renowned for his investigations into prevention of skin ageing and for staying at the cutting edge of medical technology, cosmetic surgery and non-surgical alternatives. His investigations led him to create preparations with essential vitamins for skin health, as well as two mechanical devices that enhance the effects of
these skin treatments.

THE ENVIRON IONZYME DF MACHINE - This machine provides facial treatments that are at the forefront of scientific skincare. The machine is the first to combine the use of active Sonophoresis and Pulsed Iontophoresis, and is therefore possibly the most advanced machine of its kind in the world.

Pulsed Iontophoresis – the use of specifically pulsed electrical current to facilitate greater penetration of water-soluble vitamins and other active molecules into the skin.

Low Frequency Sonophoresis – the use of sound waves to transport all molecules and large peptides through
the skin.

The specific Environ products used in these treatments contain the optimum strengths of Vitamin A and C, plus additional growth factors, to make the skin more resilient, radiant and to help treat blemishes, pigmentation, scarring and pimples.

If you wish to see all our Environ treatments go to our services page to see the details.

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